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April 2024

Club Presidents "CommEndare"


Our school club presidents are more than just a face and a title.

They are people. 

Get to know some of them below!


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Kwantlen Park ('25)

Director of Marketing

From a young age, Livleen was someone who ensured that she poured her heart and soul into whatever she was working on. With her, it’s always been all or nothing– and more often than not, it’s all. Seemingly a hard worker from birth, she has a penchant for challenging herself at every opportunity she gets. This translates well to her efforts at The Good Guys, where she is simultaneously the Co-Director of Logistics for the Kwantlen Park branch and Director of Marketing for HQ. This passion for social good demonstrates itself well in her future aspirations to earn her law degree and open her own firm, where she hopes to make genuine change in the criminal justice system. Life isn’t just about hard work for her, though; Livleen is in her element when she’s with her friends and family, who inspire her to keep going when times get rough. She sees moments of strife as temporary setbacks that lead to greater successes in the long run, and she always makes it a point to emphasize this to those around her. In her free time, she loves to read both fiction and non-fiction novels and watch films, both of which heavily inspire her philosophy on life.

Livleen Sidhu


Gladstone ('24)

Gladstone Club President

Althea is the embodiment of the word energetic. From the early hours of the AM, she wakes up with a bounce of energy waking everyone up around her. One time, she was craving some refreshing iced coffee, but an adult told her “Althea you don’t look like you need coffee, you seem very awake all the time”. But in reality, Althea only gets 4 hours of sleep on average on school nights as a result from her endless procrastination and instagram reels addiction. However, when she’s not waking up at 4am to study for a math test, you can find her playing volleyball in the gym, arguing loudly with her friends after a debate in law class, or spending $8 on an overpriced drink to study aesthetically in a cafe. Althea is also involved as a co-president of Good Guys in Gladstone. Ever since she was young, she has been exposed to the homelessness crisis, from the rural parts of the Philippines, to the place she currently resides in, Vancouver. She realizes that no matter how developed a country is, there are still many individuals who face homelessness in their lives. Being a part of Good Guys has given her a chance to take action to help combat this issue, she believes in the saying that “actions speak louder than words” and therefore she’ll dedicate her life to helping others around her. After high school, Althea hopes to pursue her dream career of becoming a doctor and hopefully travel to parts of the world who are in need of medical services to help those unable to afford it.

Althea Cleland


Gladstone ('25)

Gladstone Club President

Creating meaningful impacts, creating deep connections and inspiring others on a personal level is of huge importance to Jenna, alongside taking action towards issues surrounding mental health, gender equality, sustainability, and more. She finds it important to always remember that even the smallest actions can undoubtedly make an impactful change to this place we are so fortunate to call home. Aside from the Good Guys, Jenna enjoys spending her time dancing away in the studio competitively in ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop. In her spare time (when she’s not cramming in assignments and studying), her hobbies include; baking, journaling and graphic designing. Jenna is always excited to connect and meet new people and one day aspires to be working in the medicine field and travel the world.

Jenna Dong


Windermere ('24)

Director of Logistics

If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading.” - Lao Tzu As someone who believes in adapting to any situation presented, Leo goes with the flow whenever possible. Throughout his life, he has experimented here and there by trying out different hobbies and interests. As of now, Leo is big on gaming and eSports scenes around the world. Outside of this, he also enjoys playing volleyball with friends and biking when the chance arises. Being from Hong Kong and moving to Vancouver, Leo is used to expensive living costs wherever he goes. With this, Leo joined The Good Guys as a Director of Logistics to make his impact in the community. Although Leo isn’t sure what he wants to do with the rest of his life, he is positive that the flow will take him somewhere bountiful.

Leo Shum


Vancouver College ('24)

Director of Finance and Vancouver College Club President

Ever since a young age, Ethan has had many opportunities to learn and explore ideas first hand. Thus, he has explored unpopular interests as he believes that the path less taken creates harder challenges to overcome. Subsequently, Ethan has found passion and an endless love for the sport of boxing, which he has done for the past 4 years. It has brought up unforgettable memories and arduous hills to overcome. He has also been involved with the Good Guys since grade 9, hoping to learn more about issues that plague cities globally. Deepening his knowledge through unique mediums, he owns a small business with his two high school best friends, tackling real world challenges first hand and adapting to the complexities of the business world. In my free time you can either find Ethan going on a drive to catch the best scenery, playing basketball and hitting the heavy bag, and taking a nap with rain sounds.

Ethan Lee
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