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Our story began when our co-founders Luke White and Peter Lee were introduced to each other in Ottawa at the Encounters with Canada Conference in February of 2020.

Through meaningful discussions, Luke and Peter came to the realization that they were privileged to live in the City of Vancouver with easy access to food, water, shelter and education - a luxury that many could not afford.

Peter and Luke
Luke and Petter

As soon as the two youth returned to Vancouver, they decided to utilize their resources to establish a youth-led non-profit organization aimed at connecting like-minded youth together to improve the lives of the less fortunate, with a focus on the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. They named it The Good Guys.

Peter (left) and Luke (right)

Luke (left) and Peter (right)

Today, the organization has a central team comprised of over 40 students, with over 1000 youth being involved in our initiatives. Our mission was and will always be to positively impact the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness in the Downtown Eastside.  

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