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June 2024

Club Presidents "CommEndare"


Our school club presidents are more than just a face and a title.

They are people. 

Get to know some of them below!


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jenise yang


Moscrop ('24)

 Moscrop Club President

Ever since her childhood, Jenise has harbored a deep love for books, movies, and all things related to storytelling. When she's not swamped with finishing up long-procrastinated projects and assignments, you'll likely find her exploring downtown with her friends, catching the latest action movie, or indulging in a serene morning beach walk. Born in Canada, Jenise is driven to strengthen her connection with her Chinese culture and heritage by learning traditional recipes from her grandmother and immersing herself in Chinese literature and art. Having had a goal to improve her leadership skills and self-confidence in eighth grade, she has since engaged in various roles within her community– through clubs, student government, and school district councils. Despite her packed schedule filled with classes, school, and volunteering, Jenise finds solace in nature walks, where she captures the breathtaking natural beauty around her through photography. Although she is not sure of exactly what she wishes to pursue, she hopes she will be able to study an intersection of subjects intriguing enough that she loses track of time.


Moscrop ('25)

 Moscrop Club President

Meet Grace, a lively Grade 11 student at Moscrop Secondary School with a passion for making a positive impact in her community. Born in Canada, with roots from China, Grace loves to mix things up with a diverse range of hobbies from skating and shopping, to unwinding with music and hitting the pavement for a run. How did Grace end up at Good Guys? Well, It all started when she spotted the Good Guys crew at Moscrop Secondary. She saw the organization's impactful work within both her school and her neighborhood. The positive vibes and hard work she witnessed made joining the Good Guys a no-brainer for Grace. Now, Grace wears the hat of Chapter President at Moscrop Secondary School, leading initiatives aimed at addressing homelessness.

grace wang


Sentinal ('24)

Sentinal Club President

For as long as she can remember, Talia’s always been busy. From the age of 5, she played over 7 different sports at competitive levels and now, at 17, focuses on soccer and volleyball. Currently, she has over 20 hours a week in practices and games which makes for a pretty busy grade 12 year. Talia was first introduced to the Good Guys in grade 8 while looking around Sentinel’s club day event. She saw it as an opportunity to provide for those in her community and make a difference where she could. The next 5 years were spent attending club meeting and impact events on a regular basis, building strong connections with other members. From then on, it became an important part of her life - becoming club president in her senior year. This opportunity has allowed her to not only meet new people, yet help others in as many ways as possible. In her free time, you will often find Talia spending time with her family and friends, who will always have an important place in her heart. In the future, Talia wants to pursue a career in medicine and hopes to become a doctor one day!

talia ott

Aria Krilanovich

Sentinal ('24)

Sentinal Club President

Aria got involved in The Good Guys club because she wanted to make a meaningful impact within her community. As of this year, Aria started playing soccer for a club in Vancouver, with fields located right in the heart of Chinatown. During her commute to soccer, Aria witnessed the immense amounts of poverty flooding the streets—an eye-opening experience that motivated her to get further involved with Good Guys at Sentinel. Since then, Aria has seen the incredible impact the club has had on her school community. Many students on the North Shore have never had firsthand experience with poverty. Aria continues her involvement in hopes of furthering student engagement in addressing this problem—making a positive impact on her community and debunking the negative stereotypes surrounding people experiencing homelessness in the Downtown Eastside.

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