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Our EXEC team works on event planning, external affairs, social media management, and more. Our directors ensure that the work of the organization goes towards supporting the Downtown Eastside community. 


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Julia Gatchalian

Corpus Christi '26

casual_headshot - Harry Zhu.jpg

Harry Zhu

St. Georges '24


IMG_1497 - Nora Kuo.JPG

Nora Kuo

Director of Logistics

1CD73E57-C45B-43EB-AF5E-CB82E0C4957E - Anton Bersamira.jpeg

Anton Bersamira

Director of Logistics

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 2.58.09 PM.png

Sandy Huang

Director of Marketing

HugoLamGoodGuysImage - Hugo Lam.jpg

Hugo Lam

Director of Outreach

C3C23EE8-1444-4C45-8C56-9C61074619D1 - Irtaza Ahmad.jpeg

Irtaza Ahmad

Director of Outreach

D9FAD5CC-D082-4962-963B-25B09D32253D - Vivian Nguyen.jpeg

Vivian Nguyen

Director of School Clubs

315B313C-F55D-4887-9CDD-5437DB3BCD31 - celeste chau.jpeg

Celeste Chau

Director of School Clubs

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